Campaign Magazine Editorial Shoot | Editorial Photographer

Editorial Photography Cambridge Norfolk

Editorial Photography Cambridge Norfolk

Campaign Magazine Editorial Photography Shoot

Haymarket run a number of titles, both online and print. For this shoot I was to cover a feature for their online and print publication, Campaign.  I was needed to document the day in the life of a winner of their recent competition.  Jonathan had won a competition and his prize, as chosen by him as a keen cook himself, was to work alongside renowned chef Daniel Clifford at Midsummer House in Cambridge.  The brief was to capture a slice of the day with Jonathan, as well as documenting his time with Daniel as he took direction while creating some dishes.  A thoroughly enjoyable shoot, although at times a little cramped, after all the last thing you want in a working kitchen is a 6 ft  guy with 2 cameras round his neck!  I managed to stay clear of hot stoves and busy chefs though.

The article was published online at Campaign Live’s Website and on Brand Republic’s site, as well as in print for Campaign Magazine.

Editorial Photography Cambridge NorfolkEditorial Photography Cambridge NorfolkEditorial Photography Cambridge NorfolkEditorial Photography Cambridge NorfolkEditorial Photography Cambridge NorfolkEditorial Photography Cambridge Norfolk


Waitrose Weekend Magazine | Editorial Photography

Waitrose Weekend Editorial shoot

My first assignment for Waitrose’s Weekend Magazine.

I was called, very last minute, to cover a feature for their section called “My Weekend”.  This is a section where they interview people from all walks of life to talk about what they do that’s different at their weekend.  With one day’s notice, my brief was to get to the Lifeboat Station at Caister, Norfolk, just a couple miles north of Great Yarmouth, and get an environmental portrait but without it being too posed.  This is usually a straight forward task, and at a Lifeboat Station there would be plenty of backdrops available.  Having checked in at the office I met Paul, he was a friendly guy, but he had a job to do and I, understandably, had to fit in with his routine of setting up the Lifeboat for the upcoming drill that morning.  Paul was very accommodating but I had to pick my moment.

Editorial Photography Norfolk

In between his duties, and during constant rain, he called me over and said we had a few minutes as he had to launch the boat, although Waitrose would only use one shot I had to give them a wide choice to select from.  I climbed up on the boat and, with rain now pelting down, we quickly moved through a number of shots, while balancing on a wet Lifeboat.  Five minutes later, that’s it…we were done.  I hopped down from the boat and set off back home to upload the proof shots to the client.  A fresh and invigorating, if slightly wet, way to start your Sunday morning for sure.